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▶ Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 UNBOXING & REVIEW – Black Dial, Ceramic Bezel, Date, 40mm, 116600

Welcome to
our Swiss watch lovers. This is Chris over at Today I’m gonna be introducing to you the Rolex Stainless Steel 40
millimeter Sea-Dweller 4000. This is the reference number
also known as the 116600. Retail price on this watch is
currently 10,400 U.S. dollars. This Rolex Sea-Dweller originally
came out during the 1960s for professional divers who needed a watch that would perform under deep
diving and allowed for helium to escape from the watch
while under decompression. You will see that helium
escape valve right here. The watch is on a 40 millimeter
stainless steel case. It has a bezel that’s a
little bit more similar to the Rolex Deep Sea Sea-Dweller
than the Rolex Mariner. It’s updated, came out in 2014. As you can see, there’s more hashmarks around the ceramic bezel on this watch that go all the way around the bezel, rather than just a Submariner, which actually goes from
the 12 to the 15 position. Or a three o’clock position. As you can see, it’s really easy to read. It has a date function at
the 3 o’clock position here. It also doesn’t have a
cyclops on the crystal. Gives it a little bit sleeker of a look. Doesn’t interfere with
the beauty of the dial. Movement on this watch is
a 3135 caliber movement. It’s the same movement that you would find in the Submariner or Deep Sea. This watch is COSC-certified just like all the Rolex watches. It has a heavy stainless steel bracelet. This does have a glide lock
extension or a deployment. You use this on the Submariner as well. The Deep Sea originally came
out with the first glide lock. And I’ll show you how the Submariner and Sea Dweller glide lock works. You’re basically just gonna be popping out the bracelet from here. And sliding it in or out, depending on how you would
like it sized to your wrist. Pop it back like that. Put it next to my Daytona here. Overall this is one of
my favorite watches. It’s a little bit bigger
than the Submariner. In terms of weight, a bit thicker. It’s gonna pop off your
wrist a little bit more than the Submariner. But it’s smaller than a Deep Sea, which I can’t fit on my wrist. Deep Sea is a 44 millimeter. In my opinion it probably
has the best characteristics of both the Submariner and the Deep Sea. In my opinion, I’m talking
in terms of the bezel, hashmarks, from the Deep Sea. And also the date window, it doesn’t have a cyclops on there like the Submariner. But it does have that
glide lock deployment that I love about this watch. Just makes it so you
can have a perfect fit on your wrist anytime, whether your wrist is hot or it’s cold. Thank you for watching. If you have any questions, feel free to write a comment below. If you’re interested in buying
this watch or other models for their lowest possible price, check out our shop at We have a low price guarantee. We offer free shipping
and a one-year warranty in addition to any warranties
you get from the brand itself. That’s it. The Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000, 116600. 40 millimeter stainless
steel watch from Rolex.

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