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▶ Rolex Milgauss, Blue Dial VS Datejust 41, White Index, Stainless Steel Oyster – COMPARISON

▶ Rolex Milgauss, Blue Dial VS Datejust 41, White Index, Stainless Steel Oyster – COMPARISON

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we’d really appreciate if you would buy a watch from once in a while. Okay so today we’re going to be doing a comparison
between the Rolex Milgauss here on my left that’s the one one six four hundred GV “G” as in “George” “V” as in “Victor”, and on my right here we have the Rolex Datejust 41 reference number one
two six three hundred. We’ll be going over the dial, bezel, case, crown, bracelet,
clasp and we’ll go over the movements towards
the end of the video. So jumping right into the dials you can see very similar dial architecture we have the Rolex crown
logo at the 12 o’clock position made out of 18 karat white gold. The index hour markers
fashioned 18 karat white gold as well with a luminous
filling in each one. The hands nice 18 karat white gold hands with tippings of luminosity as well. But we start to see a
few differences here now. So at the second hand we have a white gold second hand for the Datejust. Milgauss we have the
orange thunderbolt hand that matches with the Milgauss name at the 12 o’clock position. For the Datejust of course we have the day window at the
three o’clock position one top of that sapphire crystal for magnification easy
viewing of that date. In regards to the outer railings as well they’re pretty much the same indices with Arabic numerals at each hour marker. Also for the Milgauss though, we have the orange accents instead to have a nice color compliment to that blue dial and the major difference of the green sapphire crystal and the clear sapphire
crystal so Rolex Milgauss has the green sapphire crystal that you can see accented all around that edge there, where as the Datejust has that clear sapphire crystal. In regards to the dial
color, the Milgauss, we have a blue sunburst
dial, as you can see as I tilt it towards the light the light sort of shines in different various portions of the dial whereas for the Datejust it’s
just a flat white dial. But one thing to mention is that these are both dress watches but the Datejust is one of the more popular dress watches in terms of being able to do numerous different configurations so if you don’t like the white dial you can get that same blue dial as well, or you can also get it in a silver dial or a black dial. Also available in Roman numerals as well. We have a rhodium colored dial with green roman numerals being the color of green for the Rolex style logos and boxes and such. So you have more options when in terms to configurations for the Datejust in terms of color and such but if you’re not too
interested about the dial you do like that thunderbolt hand you love that green sapphire crystal and just that overall orange accents working together with it then the Milgauss might be your choice. The Milgauss isn’t only subjected to the blue dial as well it also has availability of a black dial as well. Black dial with orange accents and the orange thunderbolt hand. It looks absolutely gorgeous as well. So, moving on from the dial now as the dial we’ve already covered the differences between the dial. Actually I did now want
to mention one thing which is the hour markers, look at the hour markers and notice that the Milgauss actually has thicker hour markers especially at the three, six, and nine o’clock position. It sort of works more as a landmark so you can read the time much more easily at a glance, whereas the the index hour markers on
the Datejust all around have that similar width
and length to them. Okay. Moving on to the bezel now, the bezel, both same style bezel they’re high polish 9040 steel bezels actually any steel on the watch is a 9040 steel which is in house steel made by
Rolex and has additional corrosion resistance
and a nicer shine to it. But the bezels, both of the bezels are nicely high polished and how they framed the dial very nicely in conjunction with the case lugs as we move on to the case now. The case lugs are nicely high polished on the tops and bottoms of the case you can see the nice high polish and it works sort of like a window frame and frames those dials very nicely the unique dial of the Milgauss and just the simply dial of the Datejust. For the case sizes however we do have a difference of case sizes, the Milgauss has a 40 millimeter case size so from my index finger to my thumb here that’s 40 millimeters in diameter. The Datejust is 41 millimeters as the name states “Datejust 41”. So, from my index finger to my thumb that’s 41 millimeters in diameter. So where does the difference lie in terms of besides that
one millimeter diameter, is there a really big difference? Well actually the sides of the case will have a slight difference between the diameter, rather the width of the case or the height. The Milgauss is going to be a larger case sizing and the reason behind that is because it actually has two cases, it has the standard oyster case, but it also has a sort of additional casing that helps
resistance against magnetism and it’s a conditional
case in that it acts as a ferromagnetic enclosure
to protect and divert magnetic fields away from the movement. And the reason for that is well, the Milgauss was actually introduced in the 1950s or so when
TV sets and radio sets were first coming out and they were making their way into households. And people didn’t realize they were being exposed to more
magnetic fields at the time and that includes watches
and watch movements are greatly affected by magnetic fields in terms of it will
cause the movement to run extremely fast at some
cases because of it. So that extra casing helps
protect it against magnetism. So this watch was more geared towards scientists and such who were usually typically around those kind of electronics all the time
and they would see that their watches were running
a little bit too fast. So Rolex came up with
this ingenious idea of having that double casing to
prevent against magnetism. But, with that double casing that means it’s going to be a larger sized watch in terms of from the wrist up. So I’m going to actually show you how big the difference
is between the two are and you can make that
decision if that’s actually going to be that big of a deal for you. So with the Milgauss we have a 13 and a quarter inch as you can see there a little over a quarter. And for the Datejust
it’s going to be slimmer. Datejust we’re looking at almost 11 and over, 11 and two thirds or so. So about almost a two millimeter
difference between the two. But also notice that the bezels of the watches it looks almost exactly the same but actually the Milgauss is a little bit higher
and the reason for that is for the previous model of the Datejust, the Datejust II; Rolex took the time and actually, when they
moved on to the 41, they’ve actually slimmed down the bezel and they’ve slimmed down the casing. So it fits much more nicely on the wrist and it doesn’t sit too high off the wrist. So the watch will fit in a suit cuffs dress cuffs very, very nicely. And that’s one of the changes they did from the Datejust II to the 41, because the Datejust II used to have a thicker casing like
the Milgauss as well, so the Datejust does have
a nice slimmer casing. In regards to the crown functions, the crown functions are the same they’re the same style crown, rather. They’re twinlock double
watt proofness systems they both help the watches have a water-resistance of
100 meters so 330 feet. The only difference the two is of course the Datejust 41 will
just have addition of the date complication to be
able to adjust the date. Otherwise they’re pretty much the same you can wind the watch
in the center position and the in the final
position the second hand can be stopped for a precise time setting such as to an atomic clock online. Moving on to the bracelets now we have oyster style bracelets for both. Of course we’re going to have the nice high polish down the center, satin finish on the outer of the three piece links. And that’s because these are both dressier style watches
so dressier style watches will have this high
polish down the center. Down to the clasp you
can see that same thing. On to the other side of the
bracelet, same patterning. So for the clasp, you can see the clasps are pretty much the same style clasp. They’re both folding oyster
clasps that open up as so. Revealing nicely high
polished clasp blades with the Rolex name embossed on there. So really not too much difference there in terms of the clasp. So let’s go ahead and move on to the movements now. So I’m going to start with
the Milgauss’ movement. The Milgauss runs the movement in an oyster case backing, like I said that’s additional case backing as well for the ferromagnetic enclosure. For the increased reduction in magnetism. The movement itself is called a 3131 caliber movement manufactured by Rolex. It’s an in house made movement that’s perpetual mechanical self winding. It has the precision of minus 2 plus 2 seconds a day as stated it’s a six o’clock position with the boasting of a superlative officially certified chronometer. The functions are of the hour, minute, and seconds hand. With the stopping of the seconds hand for precise time setting. And the main thing about the 3131 movement is it does have a oscillator of a paramagnetic blue parachrom hairspring. Which was introduced from the
3130 to the 3131 movement. And that adds additional
resistance against magnetism. For the power reserve of this movement it’s the 48 hour power reserve. So no changes from the 3130, 48 hours. 48 hours on that one as well. So this watch can be put
down a Friday evening picked back up on a Sunday afternoon and be keeping time just fine. Now the Datejust 41’s
movement is much more of a powerhouse so it’s a 3235 movement. The standard date movement for Rolex is a 3135 which we see on submariners and previous models of
the deep sea as well. So the Datejust also ran
that sports movement at 3135. But now it’s a 3235 and
like I said it does have additional complication
of the date in regards to the Milgauss so it’s
still in house made by Rolex. Still perpetual mechanical self winding, still has that precision
of that of minus two plus two seconds a day,
the text is still at the six o’clock position the same thing. It has the same oscillator
as the Milgauss. So that paramagnetic
blue parachrom hairspring but what they also added is called the “Chronergy Escapement”. So the Chronergy Escapement is a skeletonized escapement wheel that helps with energy efficiency that helps in the reduction of inertia so it helps with that
precise time setting. And it also is made out
of a nickel phosphorus so it works with that paramagnetic blue parachrom hairspring in reduction against magnetism. Of course it’s not going to be as good against reduction of magnetism as the Milgauss but it does
have that extra “umph” to it. Not only that it also has
the paraflex shock absorbers. Which is in house made
shock absorbers by Rolex, And Rolex claims it absorbs 50% more shocks than the industry
standard shock absorbers. I believe Rolex used a KIF
shock absorber for the Milgauss. I could be wrong there, so I
do apologize ahead of time. I do know that the smaller
models of the Rolex uses a Breguet hairspring for that. But the power reserve
specifically on the 3235 movement has been updated as
well from the 48 hours. Now it is a 70 hour power reserve meaning you could put this
watch down in Friday evening and pick it back up on a Monday afternoon and it will be keeping time just fine. Now I’m actually going to go ahead and show you these watches on my wrist. We’re going to start
with the Milgauss first. Open up that folding oyster. And there we are. So the Milgauss looks absolutely gorgeous with that blue dial that sunburst dial working very nicely with the light. The high polish all around the bezel the lugs downwards with
the high polish as well. Just works very nicely in unison. That high polish throughout
the whole bracelet. Just absolutely beautiful dress watch. It’s really one of a
kind in the Rolex line. You’re not going to find
any other Rolex watch that has this specific dial of
that green sapphire crystal, of those orange accents
and of that blue dial. Whereas the Datejust, this is more of a common piece dress
watch, this is more for everyday of course you’re
still looking to impress but you’re not looking to fully stand out. You’re not looking to
be someone who’s wearing a full gold watch, you still want someone to be looking at your watch and say “Wow, that’s a nice watch.” And that Datejust is where this comes in. With that beautiful high
polish bezel, high polish lugs and the high polish
down the center as well. So if you are interested in either one of these models for the lowest possible price check out our website at We have the lowest prices guaranteed. We offer a one year
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  1. Both great watches ! Milgauss is different dial and glass very unique,the datejust is a stunner simple white dial but classic can be worn smart casual a great all rounder 👍

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