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▶ Rolex Explorer I vs Datejust 41 – COMPARISON: Black Index Dial, Steel Oyster

▶ Rolex Explorer I vs Datejust 41 – COMPARISON: Black Index Dial, Steel Oyster

Hey guys this
is Kevin from and today we’ll be doing
a comparison between the Rolex Explorer 1 here on my left reference number 214270, versus the Datejust 41 here on my right reference number 126334. We’ll be going over the
price, the dials, bezel, case, crown, bracelet, clasp, and we’ll talk about the movement towards the end of the video. Okay, so, as of April 2018 you can get the Rolex Explorer 1 from authorized Rolex retailer for $6,550. Or you can get the Rolex Datejust 41 from authorized Rolex retailer for $9,350. Of course here at we always try to have the lowest
prices anywhere online so check our website
for the most up to date market pricing for these watches. Alright so lets go ahead and jump right into the dials now. So as you can see, already, very different dial styles. At the 12 o’clock position
we have a triangular arrow marker that’s luminescent, luminescent filled,
whereas the Datejust 41 we have the Rolex crown logo at the 12 o’clock position instead. At the three o’clock position, we instead have Arabic
numerals three, six, and nine for the Explorer 1
versus the Datejust 41’s date window with a cyclops lens on top of that sapphire crystal. Both have same sapphire crystal, it’s just that the Datejust 41 has a cyclops lens on top of it. See that little protrusion
from the top of the crystal. And that magnifies and helps with the easier viewing of the date. The hands and the hour
markers are all luminescent, so they use the same luminescence which is a high legible chromalight, blue chromalight display, with long lasting blue luminescence. However, the hands
themselves are different. We have the Mercedes dial hand which is this hour hand that looks sort of like the Mercedes logo,
and you can see that here. Whereas the Datejust 41, we just have stick hands for both the hour and the minute hand. Besides that, we also have
a 60 second tracking scale display around the edge
of the Datejust 41. And the Explorer 1 just
has a simple little bolded indices at each
hour marker instead. The Datejust name is located
at the 12 o’clock position with the Rolex name itself, whereas the 12 o’clock position we have the Rolex crown logo
printed instead of being a nice white gold, white gold logo at the 12 o’clock position. The name is stated at
the 12 o’clock position whereas the Explorer name is stated at the 6 o’clock position. Okay? Specifically for the dial
styles of these watches, the Explorer 1, how you see it here that’s the only way it comes. This is the only way you
can get the Explorer 1 it’s just the black
dial, black dial with the index hour markers of three,
six, nine, lume positions which is the newest updated one. The previous model actually had the three, six, and nine non-lume. For the Datejust 41 was just
actually recently released from following the
discontinuation of the Datejust 2, and we actually have a
review comparison of that if you wanna know the
differences between the Datejust 2 and the Datejust 41. But specifically for the Datejust 41, the color styles, dial
styles you can get this in only comes in the index hour markers. There is a Roman numeral hour markers but that’s a little bit more specialized that one is a rhodium dial
with green hour markers which wasn’t previously given
in the Datejust 2 version. But besides that if
you’re looking for just the index hour markers
you can get it in the rhodium blue, black, silver, or white, and if you’re feeling
little more luxurious, you can actually replace the hour markers for diamonds as well
and that’s going to be additional $2,000 on top of that retail pricing of the $9,350. Of course, there’s gonna
be a difference in that customization mainly
because the Explorer 1 was, as the name states,
made for exploration. Rolex marketed it as the
watch for exploration following the climbing of
Mount Everest and such. They have the luminescence so they have easier viewability at night. However, they sort of lean
for more towards trying to make it a little
more of a dressier watch as we see this nice
high polish domes bezel. Whereas the Datejust has
always been sort of a dressier watch and that’s why they have the additional customization
we have this beautiful fluted white gold bezel
which actually is why the retail pricing of these
watches are vastly different about $3,000 difference
in price ranges mainly because this whole bezel
for the Datejust 41 is white gold whereas this is
just steel for the Explorer 1. Okay? Besides that you can
actually get the Datejust 41 in the steel smooth
bezel as well, of course, that will be a smaller
retail pricing as well. Okay so moving onto the case now. The case sizes are gonna
be a little bit different. For the Explorer 1 we’re
looking at 39 millimeter case size versus the Datejust
41 as the name states is a 41 millimeter case
size so two millimeters in difference in case size. One thing I do wanna
mention though is that for the Datejust 41 it
actually has a thinner style case now compared to
its previous predecessor which was the Datejust 2, which had the bigger bulkier case. One of the updates was
that they actually made the case size a little bit thinner, and I’ll show you that as I tilt that over to its side here. Okay. As you can see, the Datejust 41 actually comes out a little bit
smaller than the Explorer 1, but still has the same style high polish on the side of the case
matching with the bracelet. One thing, another thing
to mention is that for the case size, not for the case
size but the case polishing, we can see a nice satin finish for the whole case on the Explorer 1. See the nice satin finish throughout? Whereas the Datejust 41
being the dressier watch, and Explorer 1 being
more of a sportier watch we can see the high
polish on the Datejust 41 on the lugs of the case. We can see on the lugs as well. And pairing to the bracelet
as well you can see the high polish down the
center of the bracelet for the 41 whereas the
bracelet on the Explorer 1 is a fully satin finish. Moving onto the crown functions, both have similar crowns,
they’re screw down twin lock double water proofness systems, with a water resistance
of 100 meters or 330 feet. Both of them do have
different style of functions for the crown though
because the Datejust 41 does have additional
complication with the date. So I’ll just go ahead and
quickly show you those two here. So starting with the Explorer 1 first. Crown unscrews counterclockwise. It’ll unscrew to this first position in which you can wind
the watch 15 to 20 winds is all you need to get this
watch going from a dead stop. And then tugging the crown
out to the next position which is the final position,
there’s only two positions the standard which is this
one to wind the watch, and then the final position
in which to adjust the time however you like. Of course this will stop the second hand, or the hacking movement,
as that will allow you to set the time for precise time setting. Okay? Pressing the crown back
in will start the hand, the second hand once more as you can see it starts moving once again. And always make sure screw
that crown in nice and tight against the case as you wanna keep that water resistance I mentioned earlier. For the Datejust 41, the crown same thing. Unscrews counterclockwise. Pulling out to the next
position will, oops. Okay there we go. So first position, again 15 to 20 winds is from a dead stop to get
the watch going once more. Tugging at the crown,
let me actually move the hand out of the way. Okay? Going into the next
position will allow you to adjust the date instantaneously as shown. And then the final position, same thing, allowing you to adjust
the time however you like with the stopping of the second hand for precise time setting. Again, make sure always screw the crown nice and tight against the case, okay? Lets go ahead and move
on to the bracelets now. So for the bracelets of the watch, we have oyster style
bracelets like I’ve mentioned before we have a nice high
polish down the center of the three piece links
for the Datejust 41 whereas the Explorer
1 on my left hand here has a nice satin finish
throughout the whole bracelet. We move onto the clasp,
you can see that pairing carries throughout and
underneath to other portion of the bracelet as well. Like I said, Explorer 1
was more of a sportier, rather it is a sportier
watch, and that’s why we have that more satin finish as it’s supposed to go through
everyday rugged wear. Whereas the Datejust 41 it
could be worn on occasions or it could be worn everyday as well you just have to be mindful of the nice, beautiful high polish as well. As the high polish will scratch much, scratches on the high polish will show much more than a satin finish. While that is sort of a downside, the high polish is absolutely gorgeous, it really brings more shine
to the watch as you can see the difference between
the shine between the two. Moving onto the clasp
now and this is where one of the portions come in
where you can see the Explorer 1 is more of
a sports watch cause we have the safety folding
oyster clasp versus the Datejust 41 has just
the folding oyster clasp. So safety is this little hinge right here you can see it its marked
out by the patterning. And you open it up by pulling the crown, bottom of the crown as so. And that’s the hinge that sits on top of the folding oyster. Now of course from here on
its just the same function, where you just go ahead and open up as so, revealing this nicely high
polished clasp blades. The Rolex name is on both
of these clasp blades. And once again I’ll go
ahead and close this up. So you can see how that
looks with the clasp closed. Alright so lets go ahead and
move onto the movement now. So, for the movements, I’ll start off with the Explorer 1’s movement. The movement is housed in this
simple oyster case backing, as you can see nice satin
finish on the bottom of the high polish around the edge of it. The movement that the Explorer
1 has is a 3132 movement which is similar to the 3135 movement used in the Submariner, which
is a truly tried a tested movement with that’s
lasted over the years. And for that movement, for
that specific movement, the only thing that was
updated from similarities between that 3135 is that it has something called the high performance
paraflex shock absorbers which the industry standard
stock absorbers is just the KIF shock absorbers
but Rolex made their own and housed paraflex shock
absorbers which absorbs 50% more shocks than normal. The movement itself is a
perpetual mechanical self winding movement, it’s in house
made, has a precision within Swiss specs of the minus
two plus two seconds a day and the functions of the
center hour and minute as a second time or precise time setting. The powers of the watch is just 48 hours and then you can put this
watch down Friday evening, pick it back up on a Sunday afternoon and it will be keeping time just fine. So what does the Datejust
41 movement have against the Explorer 1’s movement? Well, actually because the
Explorer 1 was released in 2016 at the Baselworld
show this one was recently released at the 2017 Baselworld show. The Datejust 41 has come
in with a newer updated movement, it used to run
similar to the sports pieces which was the 3135 movement. The 3135 movement is
just, has the functions of the center hour minute,
second hand, with stopping of the second hand for
precise time setting. So it has that paramagnetic
blue parachrom hairspring that is, has additional
resistance against magnetism. Within specs of the precision
minus two plus two seconds a day, apologize, minus
two plus two seconds a day within the Swiss specs. But the 3135, apologize,
3235 is been updated beyond that and beyond
that I mean it also has what the Explorer 1 has
which is the high performance paraflex shock absorbers,
the same shock absorbers so this watch can withstand those shocks. But also, the escapement
has been updated as well. The escapement is based off the Rolex 3255 model which is a day-date 40 models. And they have what’s called
the chronergy escapement will, so what that is that
for the escapement will, instead of it being a full
block it’s a skeletonized escapement will reducing
the weight of that escapement will and
reducing the inertia so it has that more precise time
setting to keep it within those Swiss specs. But because it was, you know, skeletonized and the inertia was
reduced, not only does it keep it within Swiss
specs, it also helps it have an additional power
reserve because of the efficiency of that
chronergy escapement will. So, moving from 48 hour power reserve to a 70 hour power reserve
you can put this watch on a Friday evening pick it
back up on a Monday afternoon and it’ll be keeping time just fine. Not only that, the escapement will is also made of a nickel phosphorous. So the nickel phosphorous
pairs very nicely with a paramagnetic blue
parachrom hairspring as both of those things are very resilient against magnetism, so
the watch won’t be skewed within those Swiss specs. So, absolutely wonderful
updates to the movement itself. Okay? So let me actually go ahead, and show you these
watches on my wrist now. So, locate that safety folding oyster. There we are. Close it up as so. So that’s how the clasp looks like. There’s the watch on the wrist. Absolutely just very simple,
very simple beautiful everyday wear watch, that’s Explorer 1. Now for the Datejust. Much dressier as you can
see with the high polish. Closing that clasp. You can see the high polish just located almost everywhere on the watch. On the bracelet, the oyster bracelet, sides of the lugs, matching
with the fluted bezel. Absolute pleasure to
wear, very eye-catching. But doesn’t mean you can’t wear this every day as well, you can, just have to be worried of
that beautiful high polish. Okay? Alright so if you’re
interested in these watches or any of these watches for
the lowest possible price, check out our website at, we have the lowest prices guaranteed, we offer one year warranty
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