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▶ Rolex Datejust 41 vs Oyster Perpetual 39 COMPARISON (dark rhodium vs black dial)

▶ Rolex Datejust 41 vs Oyster Perpetual 39 COMPARISON (dark rhodium vs black dial)

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would greatly appreciate if you buy a watch from once in a while. Alright so today we’re going
to be doing a quick comparison between the Rolex Datejust
41 here on my left reference number 126300 versus the Rolex Oyster
Perpetual 39 here on my right reference number 114300. We’ll be going over the
dial, bezel, case, crown, bracelet class and talk
about their movements towards the end of the video. Alright so jumping right into
the dials you can see almost very similar dial architecture types, you can see the index our markers for both of these watches. The index hour markers are both fashioned in 18 karat white gold to
prevent any tarnishing. We have the Rolex crown logo
is at the 12 o’clock position also made of the white gold and we also have the white gold hands with luminous tippings on both hands. So both watches do have
the visibility in the dark as the index hour markers and the hands will glow in the dark
for up to eight hours to have that visibility during the dark and also being already easily visible during the day to read. The difference in dial colors however the Datejust 41 is the
dark rhodium dial color you can see that beautiful
sunburst patternings. I tilted it against the
light here you can see that kind of has a nice line of contrast with a shinier portion
on the other parts of it. Whereas the Oyster Perpetual
just has the black dial nice matte black sort of style however they both do have
different configurations for the dial colors as these are both sort of
dressier style watches. However the Datejust 41 is
much more dressier than the 39. And we’ll get more into
that a little bit later. So for the color styles that you can get, the Datejust just 41 if
you’re not interested in the dark rhodium, you can get that in the
white, black, silver or blue dial colors. For the Oyster Perpetual 39, you can get that in a white, blue dial with green index or not rather, behind the index hour markers is a tiny little square
markers between each one. And that changes colors
based on the dial color. So with the blue dial,
you get green squares. The red gray dial, you get red squares and the rhodium dial, so
a similar style of rhodium as the 41 on this watch. We’ll have light blue hour
marker squares right behind it. So the other difference that
obviously very noticeable is that we have a date one
with a three o’clock position. On the Datejust 41, as
a name state, datejust and the Oyster Perpetual
does not have a date window. So it doesn’t have that
additional complication there. The date window is also
adding a cyclops lens on top of that sapphire crystal. They both have sapphire crystals, but specifically for the Datejust 41, we have this little protrusion here it’s called cyclops lens. And that helps magnify the date for easier viewing of that date. So if you’re interested in
having the date on the watch obviously go with the Datejust 41. If not, you like to simplistic look of just having the watch face, then you can go with
the Oyster Perpetual 39. As we move on now, when you look bezels is be like, though pretty much the same
best type of bezel right. Nice high polish, and it
capsulates the dial very nicely. It looks very beautiful, has an additional shine to the watch. But actually they are
different style bezels. For the 41, we have a smooth style bezel. And it’ll be more noticeable if I put it flat against the side here. You’ll see that the smooth style bezel has a nice flat diagonal, downwards into the casing. So it has that smoothness. Whereas the 39 millimeter though, what the Perpetual has
what’s called the dome bezel. You can see it has that domed look to it from the outer portion from the case to the sapphire crystals. So nice smooth down and then domed up. So those are the differences
between the bezel. Now as we move on to the casing, there’s one of the reasons
why the Datejust 41 is more of a dressier watch
than the 39 millimeter. And that’s because if you
look at the lugs of the case we have a nice high polish
on the lugs of the 41. Whereas the Oyster Perpetual
opts to go the sportier route and goes with the satin finish with brushed steel lug. And you can see the high polish again at the bottom of the lugs and then nice satin finish on the 39 here. Which is, once again is a
sportier style of polishing. Alright, so there is a
difference in sizing of the case as well just a two millimeter difference. We have a Datejust 41, so 41 millimeter from my index finger to my thumb, that’s 41 millimeters in diameter. 39 millimeters in diameter from my index finger to my thumb here for the Oyster Perpetual 39. Both watches are made out
of the same steel casing. The 9040 steel which is an
in-house made steel by Rolex that has additional shine
and corrosion resistance. And as we move on to
the crown functions now. They both have the same style crown which is a 12-lock double
waterproofness system. But of course the Datejust 41 has that additional complication to be able to adjust the date. That’s blocked by the minute hand now, so I’ll go and actually
move that out of the way. Show you how the crown works. So with the crown, you just unwind it, counterclockwise as shown. And from there, from there pulling it all
the way to the end position while I move the hand out
of the way, pushing it back. So in the standard position right here, when it first comes out, this is where you can wind the watch, about 15 to 21 is all
you need to get the watch started once more. Pull the crown out next
to the next position, will allow you to adjust
the date instantaneously, very simply as shown. So very easy to use. The Oyster Perpetual of course
does not have that function. But in this final position, this is what the Oyster
Perpetual does have. Stop the seconds hand for precise time setting such
as to an atomic clock online can set it down to the exact second while being able to shift the hands bar directionally as shown. So you can set the time however you like. So the Oyster Perpetual works the same way as the Datejust 41, just
without that initial tug here to be able to adjust a date. That’s pretty much the
only difference there. They both screw down nice and tight in against the case similarly. And they also both have the
same water resistance as well which is 100 meters or 330 feet. We’ll go ahead move on to the next portion which is the bracelet. So this is another reason why the Datejust 41 comes out
more of a dressier watch versus the Oyster Perpetual
being more of a sportier watch is look at that Oyster bracelet. Very beautiful oyster bracelets, one major difference is that down the center of the Datejust 41 you’ll see that nice
high polish on the center whereas the 39 once again, opts for that nice satin finish throughout the whole bracelet. You’ll see that as I shift it downwards, you’ll see that nice
satin finish throughout. Whereas the 41 keeps that high polish even through the clasp there. Different style of embossing the Rolex logo onto
the class itself there. I’ll show you from the sides here. You can see that it protrudes
on the clasp for the 41, whereas it’s more stamped
inwards on to the 39. But moving down through that, same thing. Oyster bracelet, high polish on the left. Satin finish on the right. For the clasp, we have
the same style clasp which is the folding oyster
clasp just opens up as so. So we’ll open up that
one, and open up that one. And there we are. Nice high polished clasp and embellished with the Rolex name embossed onto this clasp plates itself there. So very beautiful clasp blades, same style clasp. Very easy to use as you
can see, just closes up back up as so. Move on to the movement now. I wanted to actually start with the 39, the Oyster Perpetual 39 first before I talk about the Datejust movement. So for the 39 millimeter movement, it runs Rolex’s 31 32 movement which is an in-house
made movement by Rolex. Has the precision of minus
two plus two seconds a day which is they boast about
the six o’clock position for both watches because
they’re both under COSC certification which has the superlative corner meter officially certifications certified at the six o clock position. And they’re both perpetual
mechanical self-winding movements with the functions of
the central hour, minute and seconds hand. That’s stopping at the seconds hand for precise time setting. The Datejust 41 of course has
that additional complication of being able to adjust
the date instantaneously. They both have the oscillator, the oscillator of the paramagnetic
blue parachrom hairspring which has additional
resistance against magnetism. And the pair of the high-performance paraflex shock absorbers which is in house made
shock absorbers by Rolex, which they claim absorbs
50% of more shocks in extreme conditions. So where does the difference lie? Well one of the differences for the 31, 32 which I have in my hand
here with the movement is the power reserve of the 48 hours. So it’s a 48 hour power reserve, and you can put this
watch on Friday evening pick back up on a Saturday evening, or a Sunday afternoon, it’ll be keeping time just fine. But the Datejust 41 runs
a newer style movement called the 3235 movement
which is an update from the 3135 movement
which was previously used in such pieces as the Date Submariner, the Deepseas and Sea Dwellers and they actually just
recently moved up to the 3235 I believe, I believe the Submariner still
runs at 3135 at the moment. But the newer Sea-dwellers, our Sea-dwellers zeros and
Deepseas run to 3235 now. And what the difference between 3235 is in comparison to the 3132 or 3130 or 3135 is that they added the
chronergy escapement. So it still has that bleu
Parachrom hairspring, that high-performance shock absorbers. But now we have the chronergy escapement which helps with energy
efficiency on the watch, it helps with precise time setting. Because the chronergy escapement is the skeletonized escapement wheel made out of nickel phosphorous. The skeletonization helps
with the reduction of inertia, so it helps keeps our
precise time setting. But then also made out
of nickel phosphorous. So it works in conjunction
with that parachrom hairspring to keep that additional
magnetic resistance as well. But it also updates a power
reserve of this specific watch to 70 hours. So that means you can put this watch down on a Friday evening, pick it
back up on the Monday evening and it’ll be keeping time just fine. So I’m actually going to show
you these watches in my wrist we’re gonna go ahead and
start with the 41 first. So we’re gonna open that up. I do have average man sized wrist which is a seven inch wrist. And there we are for that. So there’s a watch on the wrist. See very beautiful, high
polished, dark rhodium looks very beautiful underneath the light. The high polish just going
throughout the whole bracelet, makes it look like a much
dressier style watch. And then the 39 Oyster Perpetual. Go ahead and get that on now. Typically, Rolex bracelets in general fit a seven and a half inch wrist and it is adjustable by small adjustments on the back of the clasp. Okay, so there we are. Nice satin finish throughout. Just very simple, very simple dial. The block dial. Very simple index hour markers. No extra complications or date. And just looks like overall very sleek and very very beautiful watch. As you can see in side profiles, they both don’t sit
too high off the wrist. Will fit into a suit cuffs
just comes very nicely. So we’re interested in
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