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▶ NEW 2017 Rolex Yacht-Master II vs OLD YachtMaster 2 – COMPARISON

▶ NEW 2017 Rolex Yacht-Master II vs OLD YachtMaster 2 – COMPARISON

Hey guys, this is Kevin from, and today we’ll be doing a comparison between older and newer. On my left here we have the older version of the Yacht-Master II, the 2013 version, reference number 116680. And we’ll be comparing it
against a newer version recently shown at the
Baselworld 2017 show, of course, also reference number 116680. We’ll be going over the price, the dial, bezel, case, crown, bracelet, clasp, and we’ll talk about the movement towards the end of the video. Okay, so for the prices
of these two watches, for the older 2013 model, unfortunately, you won’t be able to get this at a authorized Rolex retailer. However, you can still get it here at for as low as $14,800. For the newer version,
the newer 2017 version, you can get this at a
authorized Rolex retailer for $18,750, or you
can come to and get it for as low as $15,300. Alright, so a little bit of history before we move on to the
comparison of the dials. So, originally the
Yacht-Master II was released in, not 2017, but rather 2007. That’s when the original
Yacht-Master II was unveiled and in 2010 the Yacht-Master
II was actually released and only in a white gold and yellow gold. Following that year they released the Rolesor combination, which is a combination of gold and steel. So they have the Everose
gold and steel two-tone released a year after, so 2011. And, finally, in 2013,
the one here on my left, this is the one that was actually released in full in the steel version. So in 2013 this is the watch that came out in the steel version as the configuration you see now. So why did they decide to suddenly just make changes to the Yacht-Master II in 2017, which is only
about three years apart? Well, the thing is is
that they’ve actually made changes to all of the Yacht-Masters, so the white gold, yellow
gold, the two-tones, and the steel. They’ve added these small little changes because, technically, it
is a 10 year anniversary from it. So from 2007 to 2017 that is 10 years. And the changes that they’ve done, one of the main changes that they’ve done is with the hands. It’s very just right
there, very noticeable. The hands are different now. Instead of the blue sword steel hands we have here with the
skeletonization at the tips, we have the sportier look again. This is very similar to the GMT, the Submariners, Deepseas. We have that very beautiful Mercedes hand that’s circular, circular hour hand with a skeletonized minute hand as well. The skeletonization of the hand is much, much more in the newer version as it’s not to block
the text at the middle, at the top of the dial and on the programmable
count down as well. The next change that they’ve done is very minor. A few minor changes is that
the 12 o’clock position at the top here and the
six o’clock position comparing it to the older Yacht-Master, you can see that they’ve added a triangular 12 o’clock hour marker and a rectangular six o’clock hour marker, and, while it might seem
like a very minor change, it actually helps with
the overall readability with the watch itself. So let’s just say it is night time, the watch is glowing in the dark now with that beautiful
blue Chromalight display that these hour markers have, at a very, quick, easy at a glance look you’ll be able to tell
the time much more quickly once you have those landmarks, that triangular 12, you
already know that’s a 12. The rectangular six, you
already know that’s a six, and you’ll be able to
just at a quick glance be able to tell the time very easily, very quickly compared to the older version of the Yacht-Master. Another thing about the older version of the Yacht-Master is that the tip of the hour hand only had very little bit of the Chromalight display, the very small tip of luminous, where as this Mercedes hand is much more readable now. The actual tip of the
hand and the hand itself it’s all luminous, so you have that much more readability at night with this large real, see all this dial. It makes it much, much
more easier to read. Now the next minor
change that they’ve done is that, for the hour markers themselves, the smaller square hour markers on both the older and the newer, so the older one you can see it has these blue-tone 18 carat
gold fashioned hour markers that match with the
blue sword steel hands. Well, to match with the Mercedes hands, the white gold Mercedes hands now, they’ve done just a very
simple white gold fashioning on the hour markers as
well to match with that. And really, that’s pretty
much all the changes on the Yacht-Master II. Just trying to bring back that spirit of the sportiness of the Yacht-Master with that Mercedes hands. The overall readability’s much better because of those just small changes to the landmarks, the larger hand with that Chromalight display just making it overall a much easier watch to read at night and
during the day as well. So that’s just the main changes of the watch. Besides that, we still have the very same seconds subdial at the six o’clock position
to track 60 seconds. We have the programmable countdown, which is controlled by the chrono pushers at the two o’clock and
the four o’clock position. And, of course, we still
have this beautiful, blue, ceramic bezel. From here on out,
basically, the watch itself, it’s all the same now. We have the 44 millimeter 9040 steel case, the 9040 steel being the
Rolex in-house made steel that has additional corrosion resistance. The profile of the watch,
here, as you can see, still about the same as they’re using the same movement as well. The reason for the watch being that sort of large case sizing is because of the programmable countdown. The bracelet, as it is, it’s supposed to be
more of a sports watch. They still have kept the nice high polish that’s normally shown on
more of a dressier watch, but we have the nice high polish down the center of the three
piece link oyster bracelet. Same style clasp. We have the safety foiling oyster lock simply used by taking off that safety, which is this little hinge here, and that folding oyster opens up. Clasp plate, nicely high
polished Rolex name, same with the older side as well. Pop, pop, and there we are, same style clasp plate, same Rolex name embossed on there. Alright. For the movement that the
Rolex Yacht-Master II uses, same movement as this always has used in these past 10 years, and that is the Rolex in-house
caliber 4161 movement, which is housed in this very
simple Windsor case backing. And that movement is just
a perpetual mechanical self-winding regatta chronograph movement caliber 4161 as I’ve mentioned. It has precision of minus
two plus two seconds a day after casing. Have this functions of a center, hour, minute, and seconds hand with programmable countdown, with mechanical memory, and on the fly synchronization, and stoppings of the seconds hand for precise time setting. The power reserve of
these Yacht-Master IIs, you’re looking at 72 hours, meaning you could put these watches down on a Friday evening, pick it back up on a Monday afternoon and
it will be keeping time just fine. Okay, so let me actually
go ahead and show you these two watches on my wrist now. One thing to keep in mind, I do have a average men’s size wrist, which is a seven inch
wrist, as you can see. So a little bit of space there. And that’s how the 2013 version of the Yacht-Master II looks on my hand. Actually, for being a 44 millimeter watch it doesn’t actually look
that big on my hand. It looks actually quite nice. Let me show you the 2017 version now. One thing I do wanna mention thought is if you’re interested in
just the Yacht-Master II breakdown by itself, we do have a stand alone review video for that. You can check that out
on our YouTube channel along with how to use the
programmable countdown as well. We have a separate video for that as well. Okay, so heres the 2017
version on my hand. Here they are sort of side by side here. Alright, so if you’re
interested in this model or any other model for the possible price, check out our website at for the lowest prices guaranteed. We offer free shipping
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