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नेपाल हाम्रो घर हो, डेरा होईन ! Nepal hamro ghar ho ! Must watch Nepal Video clip !

नेपाल हाम्रो घर हो, डेरा होईन ! Nepal hamro ghar ho ! Must watch Nepal Video clip !

Nepal is our home, not some rented temporary shack… There is a difference between the one who rents a house, and the one who owns a house. The one who rents a house doesn’t care if the walls crack and crumble, they can always move to another house. The one who owns a house knows that he/she needs to care for the house by themselves no one else will take care of it, thus they paint the walls and mend the cracks. 3 out of 4 Nepali are young men and women like us. The problem is that we behave like tenants of Nepal. We have let the older generation tear this country apart. We have let them use us to fight their battles. We have let them fool us into thinking that we’re not fit to run this country ourselves. We have let them loot this country. So we hide in our alcohol, in our religions, on the Internet and in our ‘tea guffs’ as if there is some other Nepal out there that we shall move to when this one crumbles. We sit at home and wait for others to fight for us on the streets. We want green cards instead of voter’s cards. We are angry, but we are too scared to do anything about it. It is not Buddha or Pashupatinath’s job to save this country. It is not the donors’ job, and the government and political forces has shown that it is not their job, either. Responsibility is not shared, it is earned. We have to become a Nepali, not just call ourselves one. We have to become the alternative rather than seeking one. Because if this country goes down, we go down with it. If not now, when ? If not us, who else ?

Reader Comments

  1. With all respect to your felling i strongly disagree with the comment you have posted about this video.Firstly looking at your comment it seems you are an intellectual NEPALI however your comment is not! Because the video it self is not a representative of diverse nepalese community rather it a wake up call for nepalese youth. Kuro ayo brahaman n aryan face video ma dekhiyo vanera , ok fare enough . Brahaman haru le yo video banyo re so brahamn haru dekhiyo desh ko maya vaye afu ni banauda voni

  2. for the sake of nation, think yourself as a nepalese mate not as some majority or minority..afterall we are all nepalese.

  3. Such a Nice Video.
    हामिले देश बनाउन के चैँ गर्नु पर्ने रहेछ त ? २५ बर्ष देखि लागिपरेको छु , घर बनाउन सकेको छैन । देश बनाउन प्लान के हो त ?

  4. why cant you take all of us as one! seriously we do not care abt our cast! its just others who complain and i do not understand why! If it was form your community you would surely appreciate it !you know why nepal is far behind its coz of ppl like you. Who are busy talkin abt what cast ppl are. you must understand is like newars are on business sherps are on mountaineering bramins are on studying. And that is why bramins are on higher posts! Learn to appreciate everyone! it is a gr8 video!

  5. आउनुहोस् सँगै मिलेर अगाडि बढौ। एकचोटी भेटम् न । ठेगाना माथी "about" मा छ । 🙂

  6. manche herana sathi…. manche… k caste caste gardai karaudai chau…..
    jo sukai hos ragat rato huncha.. sabaiko jiuma tyahi rato ragat bagcha… bahunko ma rato ani mangolianko ma seto bagcha ho?
    if not than whats this fuss… edi kunai euta samuhale desh sudharne pran gareko cha bhane aau saath deu.. timi atna sakdainau khutta tanne prabriti banda gara…. timlai adhikar nai chaina khutta tanne

  7. You can check his comment once again and find out how he is? 10% aryan and 70% others……..that means there are only 80% nepalis and he/she is from the remaining 20% who is spoiling the nation. Natra raastra ko kura huda jaat, dharma ra race ko kura jhikne le k deshko laagi kaam garchha. He/she is brainwashed so does not understand. Thats why I am replying to you. And good luck and my best wishes. I am going to join you guys very soon.

  8. Yo nameless bhanne ko ho saathi malai ta saarai maya laagyo. bhat bhati umlidai gareko aago ma jump garyo yesle…..tesmaathi pani nepali sanga jo kahilai pani aafno aatma samman jogauna ladera marna tayar hunchhan…….comment ma nai herau na yesta haruko k haalat hunchha……..

  9. mitra yo desma jatiyataa ko ku ra kna ako sabailai tha6 .hamro (tamang and adibas) ko sanskriti ko kura bachune kura gareko ho hamle hamlai desko may 6aina ra.yo desh jati aryan le bigareko teti hale 6aina bhujnu vo.

  10. saathi ko bhanna khojeko chai sarai ris uthne khaalko raichha. tei pani saathi ko saral attitude chha jasto laagyo. kam se kam saathi ta bhannu bhayo. ani aryan le bigaryo desh bhannu hunchha. lu teso bhaye tapai haru mongolian le banaunu na. swagat chha. baru mero kehi sahayog chahinchha bhane bhannus. desh ko laagi tapai jati contribution garnu hunchha ma pani teti na dine prayas garne chhu. tara aryan mongolian, kaalo goro, naak laamo naak thepcho, pahade madhesi bhanera hidda desh banla ta?

  11. हो यहि हो हाम्रो देशको दुर्भाग्य.. एउटाले राम्रो काम गर्न खोज्छ, अर्को आएर एक न एक बहानाले भाँजो हाल्छ…

  12. Am i allowed to be in….??? I have watched all the videos n all the interviews so i want to be in desperately if allowed……

  13. I want to help in election campaign for ujjwal dai and all other new young faces form bibekseelnepali ,does anybody know how to get in???

  14. yo pachi tyo sapana tyo pachi feri arko sapana, palai palo sapana dekhio. kaile naya nepal ko kaile k ko. na sapana dekhauneharu thake na hami sapana dekhna chadeka chau, feri mitho sapana dekhayau kunai yeuta matra yeuta sapana sakar vaye pani kasto ananda aauthio hola. khusi lagyo, feri aas jagyo , tapai haru ko prayas ko kadar garchau, all the best, WHERE THERE IS WILL, THERE IS A WAY. tapai haru ko soch ra jagar ma feri purano dhusi nalagos , suvakamana , HAMRO NEPAL RAMRO NEPAL

  15. Great Video, i think everyone knows about this situation but no one has the security and time to act this way but i certainly wont keep quiet after seeing this video.

  16. "Give me few selfless and honest persons I will shake the world"- Swami Vivekananda
    I believe these young men and women have selfless and honest attitude who can rescue Nepal and Nepalese from political, social and economic turbulence…… GOOD LUCK to u all….. Jay Nepal!

  17. go and fuck yourself, kati jatiyeta ko kura matra uthau6an, garne khei hoina pheri. Testai lag6a bhane, afai uthnu ni election ma. Kasto stupid man6e haro6a nepal ma……

  18. wow this video show me the right way to walk n i always love my country and support u all.
    thank u #bibeksheel Nepali.

  19. यिनिहरुमध्ये कोहिपनि चुनाव हार्यो भने देशका लागी दुर्भाग्य हुनेछ ! शुभकामना !

  20. Awh! Indeed resurrecting clip.
    Its true we seek for Green card rather than a voting card. We worry about USA and other seas. Let leave alone about our country. Nepal hamro ghar ho, yeslai tal tul garne hamro kartabya ho.

    Constitution Assembly of Nepal has total members of 601. Out of 601 members, 240 (40%) members are choose directly from election, 335 (56%) from Proportional representation (samanupatik) and 4% are selected by Nepal Government. This means the candidates you have vote only hold 40%, to pass a bill required majority is 51%. Rest 56% are still chosen by political parties and THEY CAN CHOOSE ANYONE, EVEN SOMEONE WITH CRIMINAL RECORDS.

    It is you who will be voting in "samanupatik" as well, but there is no option "NONE". If you don't want to vote any party you can't. Cause number of seats a party will be getting is decided by total number of valid vote. So if you didn't cast vote or cast invalid vote it won't be counted. FOR EXAMPLE, in population of 10,000 people, 9998 decided not to vote any party in "samanupatik", but 2 guys decided to vote for X Party. Then X party will be declared winner and get all 335 seats. 

  22. i had decided to give one vote for dog but i was unsure now i m fully satisfied the things u said n hope u will do it…best wishes

  23. "आउनुहोस् विवेकशील नेपाली बनौँ, नेपाली राजनीतिलाई सुसंस्कृत बनाऔँ! अब बिकल्प कुर्दै बस्ने होइन आफै हुने हो! " तपाईहरुको नारा सहि छ तर देशको मुद्दा लाइ कसरि हेर्नुभएको छ | देशमा अहिले बिबादित बिषय भनेको शाशन प्रणाली र संघियताको बिषय हो तपाईहरुको विचार के छ | केहि विचार प्रस्तुत नगरी अरुले केहि गरेनन अब हामी गर्ने भनेर मात्र  विकल्प बन्न खोज्नु कत्तिको जायज छ | यसरि देशको समस्या लै सम्बोधन नगरी विकल्प बन्छु भन्ने तपाइहरु र पुराना बीच के फरक रह्यो र | बरु कम्तिमा पुराना हरु संग एउटा सिद्दान्त त छ पुरा नगरे पनि | यसरि सिद्दान्त नभएको लै भोट हाल्नु झन् आफ्नै खुट्टामा बन्चरो हान्नु बराबर होइन र ?

  24. I am strongly agreed, but still Nepal need to be change how same thinking no….
    We have to move our thinking from old ad to young. …..
    How you know we accept every nepali is same like no deference between each other…. I hope everyone can get it my word , what I need to share. …

    My wishes and my support to everyone and each one of you..
    For God and country jai Nepal. …

  25. garna ta sablai man xa but auta normal person le k garney khai k garney garney im confused sabai nepali ko autai soch vaya po garna ni sakinxa khal khale nepali xan in my opinion hamilay auta niswartha party kholnu parxa jasko nam 1 soch 1 Nepal sabai nepali ko bichar lai kader garera ek jana leder  select garera yo nepali poltical parties ma auta matra hunu parxa jun 1 soch 1 Nepal jati dharma all freedom hunuparxa ani hola ki

  26. nepali vanera haena banera dekhau 🙂 🙂 
    matadata card haean hami greencard khojchau wow!!
    wht a motivational line (y)

  27. malaı k hı deen dekhi 1ta soch ko jagrit bhaye ko chha . kı hami bedesh maa bhayera kaam gari rahe kaa yuwaharu yedi sabai  ra 1jana 5000Rs barabar drirect nepal sarkar ko khata maa send garne and tyo rakam le kunai thulo aaymulak pariyojana sanchalan garna sake kati ramro hune thiyo hola . Indian le nepal maa yeti -utı help garchhau bhanera nepal lai bhikhari hau bhani rahe kaa chhan kam se kam tyasto ta kam hune thiyo hola.

  28. BibekSheel Nepali ko Chunaab Chinha Aba Smiley 🙂 Aba desh ra Zanata sabai Khusi hune bela Aaudi cha, Hansmukh jastai .. 

  29. Comments garnu ramro ho tara aruko kura kottyaunu chai ramro kura hoina mitraharu. Tyo sabailai tha xa.
    Sandesh k ho tyo mahatwole linus aru dukha nagardai uttam hola hajur.

  30. Be positive friends.. Janajati haru pani active vayera aaunu paryo..arule gareko kamko ris matra garera aafuchai laure napna Jane?

  31. Really from heart you are great and as a Bibeksheel Nepali i'm too.. 🙂  It's time to rule and guide our country on our own ….

  32. हामी तयार छौ! हामी पनि त बिबेक्-शिल नेपाली हौ!
    आउ साथी हो हामी सबै एक हौ!

  33. this video is always touched my heart. this is true we are some nepali thought like this. (des le malai k deko x r ) we are thought like this but when we have to thought (maile des lai k deko xu) that time we are called NEPALI

  34. its very good idea as we think but it might be hard in practical. every thing are possible if we try and try.   As a NRN, I travelled around globe to explore that why Nepal is left behind in every sector of Government department but time is right to come back to Nepal and use foreign expert knowledge to build homeland Nepal

  35. हृदय स्पर्शी सब्द ….यसलाई ब्यबहार मा लगाउनु पर्छ देश को बिकाश अशंभव छैन .

  36. Each and everyone of us matters. Support of any kind matter. Volunteering, sharing, liking, telling friends small hands matters……..I am bibek sheel from today

  37. Sir we all nepali people know this facts. We need to trust somebody and that trusted guy is always playing with us here in (nepal). and yes you got a very nice words but why won't you stand. wake up and lead ,if you have guts ofcourse .But big fat ^^^NO ^^^ you are the one who is afraid of them,Trying to hide on yourself and raising voice underneath your blanket. it won't work like this .come out I am with you , we will stand together with you. present or past leaders of our country are useless. shame on them!!

  38. We all should realize that now it's too late . . this is the time to show our real goharkali sprat we can't be wait for our leader for the positive change .we have to do for our self if we didn't than who will ? #TIME FOR ACTION

  39. अब अर्को आयो बिबेकशील नेपाली बुढाले राजनीती गरिदिन सक्दैन अधबैसे जिबिको पार्जन को लागी दलिहिराछ बिज्ञानले उन्नती गर्‍यो ईन्टरनेट को प्रभाब अनि हातमा भएको एन्ड्रोइड फोनमा सोसल मिडिया र सर्च साईट ले देखाएको बिश्वोको आकर्सक दृस्य र सपनाको पछी दौडिदै गरेको अपरिपक्क कुमालेको काचो माटो युवा अनि त्यही युबालाई भुमरिमा दोहोर्याउदै देश हाक्न सपना देखाउने बिबेकशील साझा पार्टीको नेतृत्व हेर कहाँ देख्छौ लक्का जवान २१ बर्से युवा ? स्थानिय चुनाब मा उठाइएकी २१ बर्से रन्जु मात्र विबेकशील लाई चरचित बनाउने एउटा गेम मात्र हो ।

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